Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Even better - IPAD APP will change my blogging!

Well after the close of one chapter that happened yesterday, I quickly realized how many people were interested - or at least acted interested - in this blog.

So, my dear friends, here I am making this an all time record for my blogging career! 2 days in a row!!

I actually do have 2 important things to chat about tonight. I'm sure both of these topics will be brought up again in my blog but here I go:

1) Day care.

Oh do I have mixed feelings about it. Let me just start off by saying that Naomi just started at a new day care facility and she is having a lot of fun and I think we have found great place for her to go. It's a pretty decent drive to it and then to work, and is at a decent price. She (Sam, her teacher) offers breakfast - which is HUGE since Naomi is such a night owl, and doesn't go to bed until later in the evening which means that she wakes up later and as such needs to be changed quickly, her hair and teeth brushed and we head out the door. She also does lunch which is also great because that saves me a lot of time. So needless to say, we are pretty lucky.

My mixed feelings come from my need to just be a mother. I know the word "just" in that phrase sometimes makes the job of a mother sound less important, but I mean it as - forget everything else going on and let me care for my family and especially my daughter! Hence, "just be a mother."

I struggle DAILY with the choice to be at work and home with my daughter. I wish that I was the one to teach her colors, animal sounds, whats in the sky, etc. Sure I can teach her stuff in the evenings and on my days off, but I keep thinking - did Naomi learn that from me - HER MOTHER? Or did what I just teach her happen to already have been taught to her by her other teacher(s)?

I love that day cares exists and understand that they are an important option for some parents - and yes, we are in that boat where we need both incomes to make ends meet - so I truly do appreciate it - but when is enough enough? When do I just stop buying that extra outfit for my daughter - who btw, isn't really growing out of her 12 month clothes at age 25 months - and finally get to say "what do you want to do today honey?" or "let's get out our paints and paint the sky blue and sun yellow" or "did you get a boo boo? Let mommy make it better" or "you wanna help mommy make dinner so it's ready when daddy gets home?"

Okay friends... It's late. I will have to write about tonights adventures, tomorrow.

Good night for now.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A chapter of our lives, closed.

Sad day!!! Harley, our 9 year old male Shih Tzu, who was in our family for about 5 years went bye bye! I can't believe I'm so sad about it! I guess it must be because he was a good dog and we had him for so long. Naomi just asked "where e go?" "who Harley?" "yeah" "he went bye bye. He's not coming back (said with tears in my eyes again!)" Man!!! I'm sooo sad. Plus, Ben's at practice and didn't even get to say goodbye!
Harley is going to a good home. It'll be way better for him!

I will miss u Harley! Naomi will too!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Will this iPhone app make blogging easier for Janzell?

Well...we will see if this $2.99 app will make my blogging life easier and happen much more! I'm pretty sure it's been almost a year since my last post. And, once I get my iPad, that should make it even more easier and better, right? We'll see!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ok...sooo this is sad. It's already July 4th and the last post I did was on Dec 26th!! Wow! TONS has happened since and I wish I had time to write it all and post pics of it all, but this computer is still in Naomi's nursery and I am hoping that she doesn't wake up. So I've posted a bunch of pictures and will get back on later to write more about them! Enjoy!

We went home to Hawaii to celebrate my 10 year high school reunion!!!

Because we fly standby, we had some issues coming back to Utah, and I'll post some of those pics later. My mom came back to Utah with us and she and I got stuck in Portland (Ben did too, but he got out of Portland on the last flight). My cousin and his family live in Portland so we got to stay at their place and had a fun little evening with them and took some cute pics. More to come. But this pic is of Naomi taking advantage of her Grandma.

We are moving around Naomi's nursery to give her more space, and I cleaned out her closet. Thought it was cute enough to take pictures of...so here they are.

I was reading an article in a magazine about letting them play dress up at this age. So I did! :)

They OBVIOUSLY don't make those tops for baby girls! :)

We went to Temple Square to look for a Sister missionary who served with my sister in Las Vegas, and took some pictures for fun.

She didn't want to sit on the grass. So we had to improvise.

Summer in Utah is KILLER! But she was having fun!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! Naomi was lovin' the morning glory! She wanted to hold it, then when it changed to the sparkles, she almost set Ben on FIRE!

Ben tried to make his name...

I did mine!

These are sooo cool!

more to come!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Card

Aloha Friends and Family!

It's that time again, when the Tutor's do a smilebox Christmas Card instead of sending Christmas cards through the mail! :) We hope that you all enjoy this card as well!

Be sure that you use the arrows at the bottom of the screen so that you can look at all of the photos at your pace. If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge for you and the videos will too. Oh, and turn up your speakers!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ben, Janzell, Naomi and Harley Tutor

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Outfits

Naomi ended up with 2 cute Santa outfits! She wore this first one at our Ward Christmas Party on Friday the 11th, and then wore the outfit at the end of this blog on Saturday the 12th at a Ward Christmas Party that Ben played Sax at in a Big Band that he's in. Naomi is just darling and is growing sooo fast! She's standing up soo good and walking while holding on to things, so she will soon be walking!! Crazy fast! We enjoy having her in our life and can't wait for Christmas to come!

First interaction with Santa and she didn't even cry! What a good girl!!!

I got Ben to let me open my Christmas present early! He got me a NEW CAMERA!! WOO HOO!! This is one of the cool functions - love it!